Inpatient Care

The inpatient care program allows the professional staff here to take a deep dive into your dog's condition. Three days of running evaluations and assessment to a path of recovery.

Inpatient Process - What to expect?

Once you have decided to have your dog come to the center for a full mental health assessment, you have given your dog another chance at life. Our promise to you is that we will treat your dog with as much attention, compassion, and care as we would for our fur family members. This is a place of healing, and it is our goal to return your dog to you with a noticeably improved state of mental health.

How does it work?

After you complete the intake questionnaire and payment, within 24 hours, you will be assigned an intake specialist who will reach out via phone to review your dog's documentation and medical history. The specialist will confirm the drop-off date and time and be available to you throughout the entire process via text, phone, and/or email. The intake specialist's attention to every detail while your dog is in our care is designed to alleviate all the stress that comes with your dog with a mental health injury.

The Day of Your Dog's Arrival

You will receive either a morning or night appointment. When you arrive, you will be greeted by your intake specialist. Due to the safety measures we have in place, caregivers are not allowed beyond the center's gates. Rest assured, you will be able to see the center from a safe distance, or, better yet, we invite you to visit our website's tour section. Your dog will be taken to our onsite hospital. At this time, the medical staff will take your dog's weight and review the medical records again. If your dog is on medication, this will also be addressed during the medical appointment.

Day 1

For the first 24 hours, we will observe and monitor your dog's behavior through play, long walks, and other activities that the staff deems helpful in developing rapport. We use the first day to allow inpatients to become more comfortable with the staff, the center, and the scents and noises of other dogs. We also have quiet zones in consideration of dogs who are reactive to barking.

Day 2

Our team of therapists, the only therapists in the world certified in C-PTSD I/II, will meet first thing in the morning to discuss your dog's case and review how the last 24 hours went, including if there were any significant issues. Throughout the day, with play and other fun activities, we will monitor and carefully test your dog against triggers that we uncovered during intake, the information you provided, and the previous day's observations. Day 2 is a deep dive into what will be the best options for treatment.

Day 3

The first half of Day 3 is an exploration into your dog's reactivity and what methods are working to extinguish or redirect the dog's attention from triggers. With this deep dive, we can see if the behavior is fear-based, and, if so, where the fear is coming from. We do not believe in putting dogs in uncomfortable situations with their triggers, which would set them up for failure; instead, we will make sure that these experiences are below your dog's threshold. The second half of Day 3 is what we call “Fun Release.” During this time, your dog will have the opportunity to play with the new skills we're working on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not use any type of punishment at the center - no e-collars, prong collars, slips, etc. These are prohibited at the center, as we only use positive reinforcement and love here.