Positive Reinforcement Training

2-Week Positive Reinforcement Training program for your dog.

How does it work

Since the inception of the K9 PTSD center, we have been closed to the general public; offering our advanced skill set in training and behavioral issues with your fur family members was never an option. The center has only served Police and Military K9s that are deployed worldwide. All though we have extensive experience in training military and police K9s, that is not the program we offer here at the center to train your dog. We only use R+ or positive reinforcement training here, no prong collars or E-collars. We know firsthand how that equipment only serves the desired behavior in the short term, to only see complicated behaviors in the future. With hundreds of requests over the years to provide our team to train civilian fur family members, we are opening a program in which we offer our team of advanced trainers and behaviorists to a few students per month. We are not a factory for training here; we select a few students per month only so we can provide our full-time attention to what is needed for our students. Providing the time and attention will create the best environment for their success with you for living their best life.

  • Expert trainers
  • Beautiful accommodation
  • Two weeks in-center training program
  • Positive Reinforcement Training only
  • One-to-one trainer
  • Socialization with other dogs to build confidence
  • Behavioral approach first
  • Full-time attention
  • Detailed exit program
  • Caretaker after program success
  • Fun-loving training

Please click on the APPLY NOW button and fill in the application. It will be reviewed by our team, and we will make a determination within 72 hours.

If accepted Your dog will be dropped off here based on a schedule that will be sent to you in advance for two weeks. During your dog's stay, they will live in our 5-star suits cared for around the clock.

Most “trainers” are not certified behaviorists. When you approach training from the psychology of the dog, first you have the advantage of directing the behavior more easily, which will be enduring throughout their lives. We can identify quickly why your dog is showing a behavior and use their natural breed traits to guide them to a place of success.

Our focus is on your dog's success, not as a business. As a non-profit organization, first, we are not under the pressure of profit over performance. We can be selective as to which dogs we can offer these services to.

Yes, your behaviorist trainer will give you updates every few days. During the last few days of training before graduation, you will be required to work with your trainer and your dog.

No, If you receive a denial response, you cannot appeal the decision is final. To minimize the chances of a denial, please answer the application truthfully. This is the most common reason for a denied application.