Here at the K9 PTSD Center all placed K9's with us are NOT available for adoption. However, you can virtually adopt and support one of our dogs. We need your help, we are a non-profit facility…

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Healing Dakota Movie

Healing Dakota is a film that takes viewers behind the scenes of what it is like to rehabilitate dogs with PTSD. The hero, quite literally, of this particular story is the dog who started it all - to save his life…

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Presidental Race 2024

The K9 PTSD Center is a non-partisan non-profit organization. Our K9 heros here have their own political views and we support each of them equally. Support your K9 For President of the United States, #votedog2024

Our Mission

The K9 PTSD Center, a 501(c)(3) organization, was established with two goals in mind: to heal the K9 heroes that served in the military and with law enforcement, and to research Canine PTSD (C-PTSD) so that these four-legged veterans can benefit from healing therapies…

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Meet Our K9s

You've come to the right place if you want to see compassion in action! You'll get a chance to meet each of our dogs, both those who are here to heal and those who will soon help others heal. We can't wait for our military and law enforcement veterans to meet them.

Sometimes, all of our considerable efforts cannot change what has happened to a dog after the trauma they suffered in the line of duty. Some working dogs come here with PTSD so bad that it cannot be healed enough for them to be placed with a veteran. So… they become ours. We can't abandon them. Please consider making a donation toward these special dogs' long-term care.

Meet Our Staff

James Lamonte


Kathy Morgan

Director of Research

Dave Gallagher

Director of Logistics

Sue Gallagher

Director of Events and Products

We've staffed the K9 PTSD Center with highly skilled professionals who know what it takes to work with all kinds of dogs, including very large, very strong German Shepherds that are experiencing serious behavioral issues due to recent trauma. The center seems to experience miracles every day as dogs such as these recover and become emotionally healthy, happy, and productive again. That's made possible by our team members. We can't say enough about them, but the success of our "graduates" speaks volumes.