Why is it important to have your dog tested? This is the first step in our toolbox to increase the quality of life for dogs; the earlier we know, the better for the dog's quality of life. Some courts are now looking at these assessments and evaluations to prevent a dog from being euthanized.

Please note that this evaluation will determine, based on the most accurate answers given, if C-PTSD is a condition in your dog. This assessment will also provide us with a diagnosis of other mental health conditions. If the result is positive, it cannot be stressed enough to have an expert further assess the dog's condition based on a live Zoom session. This session can be scheduled through the link below.

Please select between the two options below. If using the self-assessment form, please note that it is essential that you answer the question with 100% honesty; we never pass judgment here. We are only looking to offer the best care for your dog. Everything you share with us is 100% confidential and never shared outside of the center.

Schedule a follow up with a C-PTSD Expert

This Self-Assessment will diagnose an extensive range of disorders you are experiencing with your dog. Follow-up options will be offered after the assessment in the event of a positive diagnosis.

Live Assessment

This Live Assessment is completed live with an expert in extensive behavioral issues with your dog. Follow-up options are offered after the assessment in the event of a positive diagnosis.

IMPORTANT: You will have 7 days after initiation of Assessment, please DON'T DELETE the history and cookies in your browser until you finish the Self-Assessment.