Healing Dakota, The Movie

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Dakota's Law

Wound K-9 dogs to be treated as police officers when injured in the line of duty, qualify for retirement benefits at end of service life under two measures heard by Massachusetts lawmakers Monday

Uxbridge police dog Bear joins his partner, Police Officer Tom Stockwell, during a hearing Monday before the General Assembly's Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.

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Healing Dakota Movie Released

We are happy to announce the award-winning movie (39th Boston Film Festival (Boston) International Police Awards (Italy) Healing Dakota was just released through a licensing/distribution deal with Amazon Prime. See how it all began, and follow this heartwarming story of healing and hope through the eyes of a K9 Hero who was set for euthanasia. Learn how C-PTSD affects our K9 heroes and the journey of healing.

Thank you for being so supportive,
Team K9 Dakota

October 7 is Dog Mental Health Awareness Day. Below we have 3 suggestions on how to honor your dog's emotional needs on this special day.

Like humans, dogs benefit from:

  • A stimulating, yet comfortable environment. Here at the K9 PTSD Center, we have to pay acute attention to the dogs' surroundings to came them and our staff safe. However, we go way above and beyond this and provide extensive opportunities for these beloved animals to enjoy themselves. At your home, make sure your dog has his or her own personal space. This can be spruced up with items that look great in your home while also adding value to your pup's play or rest time. We assume if you're reading this that you already have a Bark Box subscription, because they are simply irresistible to us dog lovers, and, of course, our dogs. If not, they are always running promotions so you can snag one and give it a try. Bark Boxes are a stash of fun toys and treats and other items that Fido can root through with you.
  • Time with you. An often overlooked aspect of dogs' mental health is the most important one. And because we love them so much, we spend as much time as we can with them while doing all the human things we need to do. Yet, often we're trying to zone out after work and chores and family responsibilities and holiday plans… the list goes on. It's critical that your dog has some undivided attention from you on a regular basis, so if you've been feeling guilty (and your dog has been guilting you with some baleful side-eye), we suggest setting the timer on your phone for an hour, or even 15 minutes - whatever fits into your schedule, because let's get real—and devoting that time 100% on what your dog wants to do, be that a snuggle on the couch or some ball in the yard.
  • Vet visit, training, doggie spa, and play dates. We can't do everything for our dogs - we all need some help from others at times. Your furry family member is no different. Make Dog Mental Health Awareness Day the time of year when you assess your dog's emotional needs and make appointments for him or her. Physical health is crucial for mental health, so make sure dog is up to date on shots and other treatments your veterinarian suggests. Behavioral issues got you down? Call the K9 PTSD Center for an assessment to address your dogs' constant barking, budding aggression, or other issues. We can give you a plan that will fix the problem, and this time next year, you'll think, I'm so glad we did that! Your dog would probably enjoy some pampering as well, so consider taking him or her to a professional groomer and avail yourself of all they can do to make your dog feel proud. (Don't you just love that look on their face when they know they look good?). Lastly, don't let your dog be lonely. If it's safe to do so, bring him to a dog park or other place where he can interact with others of his own species.
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