This service is only open to Law Enforcement and Military actively serving with K9s. We offer permanent long-term care as the K9s' forever home here at the center. Please contact us directly to see if your K9 qualifies - see the Contact Us section of this site. There is NO COST to your police department or the military if your K9 qualifies for this program.

How does permanent placement work?

During our first contact with your K9, we will complete an initial assessment with the handler(s). This can take up to two hours. If we determine that the K9 has C-PTSD I/II, we will then conduct interviews with the following people to obtain more information about the K9's history:

  • Veterinarian
  • Trainer(s)
  • Importer (if applicable)
  • Behaviorist (if applicable)
  • Law enforcement department (if applicable)

Once all interviews and assessments are completed, which typically takes 1-3 months, an arrival date is determined. Please note that we do not cover the dog's transportation costs.

Before you arrive:

  • A complete medical history must be submitted to the center so our doctor can review it and clear the K9 for arrival.
  • All vaccinations are required before arrival. If any vaccinations will expire within 3 months, they must be updated before acceptance to the center.
  • Transition to the dog food used at the center four days before arrival.
  • No toys, tugs, balls, etc., are to be brought with the K9.
  • No bedding, kennels, or crates are to be brought to the center.
  • No uniforms resembling police or military attire are allowed here - plain clothes ONLY.
  • No use of sirens is permitted while entering or leaving the center.
  • Only the person placing the K9 is allowed in the center.
  • Additional rules will be provided during intake.