General frequently asked questions

The K9 PTSD Center has one mission in mind, to cure canines with C-PTSD I/II and other stress related metal health issues. Due to overwhelming demand for these services, we are pleased to announce we will be opening the center to ALL dogs, not only those that have served in military and law enforcement, for expert evaluation.

You have questions, we have answers! Here are some of the most common ones we hear. If you don't see what you're looking for, we strongly encourage you to drop us a line.

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Results widely vary based on the reasons for the dog's behavioral issues, how long they've been going on, how much care the dog is receiving, and the family members' participation, which is essential for the dog to process in the direction of healing. We never want to push or build expectations until it is time to heal a mental health issue. Every dog is different.

YES, we do!

It is important to know that the in-house evaluation is a deep-dive into your dog's triggers and behavioral problems. We test many options to determine the best set of practices to ensure success when your dog returns home. Our expert team’s vast experience allows us to see things about our charges that are oftentimes not considered by their human companions. Using a battery of tests that are unavailable outside the facility provides insight into your dog’s psychology. Upon completion of the 3-day evaluation, you will be given the results of our analysis and a plan for your dog's arrival back home, where the healing process truly begins based on what we've discovered. The evaluation is only the first step in the process; patiently carrying out the approach we’ll outline for you is what will lead to results.

We have a 1:1 ratio of therapists to dogs. This allows us to fully focus on each dog's psychological and physical needs.

An intake professional will handle all the arrangements with you to make your dog's visit a success. A checklist will be provided. We understand that this temporary separation may be stressful for you and we aim to alleviate that by providing clear steps.

Yes, you will receive daily updates! Each night, your dog's therapist will contact you with an update on how your dog is doing, as well as provide any answers to any questions you might have. You may opt to communicate with the therapist by phone or email, whichever is most convenient and helpful for you.

Our secure environment is integral to the evaluations we are conducting, and visits to the facility would be disruptive to the process. Rest assured that we do have many cameras throughout the center for our constant monitoring. However, we do not allow public access to the video feeds to maintain the integrity of our private facility.

Day One at the center begins with getting to know your dog and then conducting a full medical workup in conjunction with the complete medical records you will have provided us in advance. This exam is different from others your dog has experienced, as it will be approached from a behavioral perspective.

While no magic pill can instantly and fully resolve the issues your dog is suffering from, with in-depth knowledge of the condition, patience, and love, together, we can greatly improve your dog's quality of life and that of its human companions.