Outpatient Care

Oupatient Care allows you to receive expert help with your dog online.

We understand that is difficult for some people to travel to the center. Our outpatient option allows you to receive expert help with your dog online. These sessions are conducted over Zoom once per week for four weeks. Knowing that you will be an important part of your dog's recovery is a valuable aspect of our outpatient program.

What to expect with outpatient care?

A therapist from our center will meet with you once per week for four weeks over Zoom at dates and times that work with your schedule. Each session will be 60 to 90 minutes. Note: Before beginning these sessions, your dog must have had a complete medical workup to rule out any potential medical issues.

Week 1

Completing the Assessment: This session will be a deep dive into your dog's overall mental health.

Week 2

Applying Treatment: This session will center on various treatment options based on the therapist's analysis of your dog.

Week 3

Adjustments: Feedback and adjustments on the selected treatments will be made in this session, and any new treatments that the therapists believes will be helpful will be added.

Week 4

Review/Exit: During this session, the therapist will determine whether your dog has responded satisfactorily to the treatment options and determine if follow-up care would be beneficial.

If necessary, additional time to work with your dog will be suggested. It is important that all recommendations are followed to ensure effective treatment. This is a team effort with one goal in mind: to heal your dog. Your dog's ability to reach their full potential through mental health care is a success for all of us.